About this site

This site is for educational and reference purposes.

This site provides a method in which reviewers can practice answering different problems and be able to track their progress. You can use this site in preparation to different examinations (board exam, class examinations, mock board exams, quizzes, ...).

Board exam/Licensure Exam in the Philippines is like a license to operate. It's hard or you cannot practice your profession if you don't have this cards. Furthermore, majority of the jobs today requires license/s. These license/s can be obtained when you take and passed a board/licensure examination administered by government agencies(PRC, CS, ...).

After graduation a typical student would like to work, land on a job as fast as possible. Pressures from relative, parents, neighbors ... urges us to work already, and sometimes we forgot the importance of having a lisence(except for courses that don't have examinations). With these, a of lot fresh graduates were not able to concentrate on their review.

This goal of this site is to help those who like to review by simplifying the review methods and materials. With this site you can fit your time/schedule to review. We also conduct mock examinations on selected course. There will be also discussions on some topics or problems.

"A country cannot move anywhere with it's people not improving. One way to improve is to educate our selves, and this site is one of the many ways to educate our selves. After all we believe that education is a right and therefore let anyone who like to learn, learn."

For educators that would like to use our platform you can contact us at saquifo@gmail.com.

Godbless!! Matago tago tako amin

Privacy Policy This site highly valued your privacy. This site collects your email address and username when you sign up ONLY. The purpose of collecting these informations are summrized here: 1. For email address, this site collect this for validation of registration. 2. This email and username are used for checking your exam progress. 3. For you profile picture (although this optional), this profile picture is for identification purposes of the user. Rest assured that this site will not share your information to any person or any third party.
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This site believes that education is a right and therefore let anyone who likes to learn, learn. The site does not claim ownership (to some materials, because we have original contents) to the materials/contents posted here such as questions, problems, data and images. Futhermore, this site is not connected to any government agencies providing examinations.

Contact Informations:
1. saquifo@gmail.com
2. aw_adi@reviewersph.com